Are you overwhelmed when you start to look at wedding bands? We get it. There are so many choices, and Boston is filled with talent. How could you possibly choose without causing yourself a huge headache? Today, we’re going to make that process a bit easier for you. If you’re feeling stuck, start here. These are five basics about booking wedding bands that you must know.

Make sure you get an experienced band

Getting your cousin’s band to play at your wedding may seem like a great idea, but it can be bad news. This is especially true if this band plays in front of spare boxes in the garage. It’s much better to go ahead and book a band with experience who plays regularly. Your wedding is very important, and music plays a crucial role in bringing everyone together. It is so important that you consider true wedding bands that know what they are doing.

Consider the venue

The size and location of your venue impacts both the size of the band you should have and what equipment you will need. If you aren’t sure about what will work, ask the venue’s manager. They will be able to share details and past experiences to help you narrow things down.

Don’t stress over genre

Many people get wrapped up in choosing the right genre. Rock, Jazz, or Pop? No need to worry. Many wedding bands can play music that spans across all genres. This way, everyone at your event will be pleased with what they hear. Before you book a band, make sure you check out their song list. This will give you an idea of whether or not the band will be right for your event.

Planning for downtime is necessary

Live wedding bands need a bit of downtime. That doesn’t mean there will be a huge gap in entertainment, but it is something you need to plan for. The musicians will take a break at some point. Take this opportunity to cut the wedding cake, or simply have a few recorded tracks ready to play to keep things flowing. It’s really up to you, but be sure to fill this space in some way.

You should go local

We always stress that you should book local, Boston wedding bands when possible. That isn’t just because we believe that you should support local musicians. It makes the entire process much easier. You can go see the band live first, it is often easier to stay in touch and the musicians will know a Boston crowd. When possible, local is ideal.

Are you ready to look at wedding bands for your next Boston event? At Vineyard Music & Events, we know that wedding bands can bring a breath of fresh air. We’d be happy to help you book the right entertainment. The Cape and Islands, Boston and beyond are places we consider home. Do you need more advice on booking talent? Check out our blog for more information. We look forward to being a part of your big day!