Whether you’re a music appreciator or total expert, it can be hard to choose an act for your Boston event. There are so many bands for hire to choose from. How do you begin to narrow your options? Today, we’re going to tell you how to do just that. We know that great musicians and bands share some common traits that are necessary for success. Keep reading to find out what you need to keep your eye on before hiring talent.


This could take shape in a lot of different ways. In previous articles we have covered the many ways in which an artist can gain experience. Check out the band’s website to see what they are doing right now. See if they have any shows in the Boston area. Maybe there are some press releases or other information you can look at. If you still have questions, go ahead and inquire. Most musicians will be happy to tell you about their skill set.


Not every musician will be absolutely bursting with energy, but it is important that they are entertaining. In order to perform well, the members of bands for hire need to have the personality to captivate a room. This one shouldn’t be too hard, go with your gut. If you feel good after hearing the band play, that’s a good sign.


In the same way that it is necessary for artists to have personality, they have to have passion. You should get a sense that they love what they are doing and that they strive to be the best they can be. They also should have the ability to take pride in their performance and a desire to make your event truly special. You want a band who finds joy in being part of functions like yours.

Good communication skills

In the past, we’ve said that hiring a local Boston band is a good way to take pressure off both sides when it comes to communication. This is true. However, it doesn’t hurt to see how efficiently the musicians or their management will communicate. It is always wise to discuss any expectations that either party may have in this regard before booking.


In general, these bands will know what they are doing and adapt, this is a quality that can make the entire event smoother. If you get to see the band live, take note of how they handle transitions or small hiccups. It will clue you in about how they will handle themselves at your event.

Ready to bring live bands for hire into your next Boston event, function, party or wedding? Vineyard Music & Events would be happy to help. We have the knowledge to help you find talent to provide a whole new level of entertainment for your guests. Also, make sure you continue to check our blog for more tips and tricks. Planning entertainment for your event doesn’t have to be stressful. Finding great live bands for hire is simply a matter of knowing the right steps to take.