Looking for a band for your Boston event? A quick google search asking “What is a function band?” will direct you to a page about cover bands, and while these two types of acts are similar, there are distinct differences. If you’re lost and not sure where to start, we’re here to help. Here are some ways that we define a function band.


There a lot of ways in which members of a function band can train. It could be a a traditional degree, touring, or simply studying from a very young age. Whatever the case may be, these musicians certainly haven’t just picked up an instrument for fun or as something to do in their spare time. When you hire a function band, you get artists who are always playing, working and improving because it is their passion.


On the same note as above, this is not only a passion for these people, but a job. Function bands take what they do very seriously because quite simply, they couldn’t survive without it. Ever head the phrase the cream always rises to the top? That applies here. Function bands have had to prove themselves to gain that reputation and they are always striving to exceed expectations.

Able to please a crowd

Events can often be an intimate setting to some degree. This means that the entertainment needs to capture the attention of those in attendance. A function band will set themselves up for success from the very start. Furthermore, these musicians are able to understand how the crowd is feeling, feed off of those interactions and make adjustments accordingly. This also means that they have a varied song list. Often, you will find that there is something for everyone on a song list by this type of act.

Experienced with functions

Shocking, right? A function band will have experience with functions! It sounds a bit silly but it really is critical. Knowing how to play music well, and being professional are good traits to look for in an act. That said, when you are looking for a band to play your Boston event, you should hire talent that already knows how to do that.


There is another important role played by musicians who are in function bands. They should always care about the event they are playing at and feel invested in it. Playing private events is a responsibility, but it is also very rewarding. The people who choose to be in bands like this want to be a part of something special and care about making your day memorable.

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